Pregnancy Help

TeenPregnancy-shutterstock_90143272Pregnancy Help Options
Times have changed…

Unplanned pregnancies are no long considered a “crisis.”  To many, abortion is the easy route.  We disagree.  There are options for women facing this life changing dilemma.

Choose Life is dedicated to providing financial support to organizations that promote the positive choices of life whether it be through self-parenting, adoption or via a safe haven.  Our website is primarily for promotion of the Choose Life license plate.  However, people do come here looking for pregnancy help.  This website describes the pregnancy centers and maternity homes that we support and offers a “Locator” to help you find a center or home near you.

Pregnancy Center and Maternity Home List

Although we try to keep our information current, centers may close or move without notifying us.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you know of a center or home that is not listed and should be?  Please tell them to contact us.  We would like to support them and they may be eligible for a Choose Life grant.