Massachusetts Story

We did it!  Here in Massachusetts, Merry Nordeen, having read about the Choose Life license plate wanted one of her own. After finding that Massachusetts did not have the Choose Life license plate, she contacted Russ Amerling to discuss how it could be achieved. It took seven long years of hard work to succeed.

ChooseLifeMerryandKenTime flies and it certainly has gone by quickly since the Choose Life license plate went on the road in 2010. The plate went live with just over 1700 pre-paid applications and a $100,000 insurance bond. Letters went out to everyone who purchased a plate notifying them that they could pick them up at their local registry and Choose Life received a huge revenue check for all those applications. We started issuing grants going out but we quickly realized that our number were not increasing quickly enough to meet the 3,000 plate count required to refund our bond. Worse yet, 600 plates that were reserved and paid for were never picked up. That set us back even further.

Thankfully, the same people who helped meet the initial requirements to get the plate on the road were just as devoted to getting the bond refunded. Word got out that Choose Life needed to sell more plates and they started flying off the shelves. We reached the 3,000 mark in September of 2012. Our bond was finally refunded in late 2012.

It is still hard to believe that all of this is true. In the words of Choose Life president, Merry Nordeen, “Many people told me it would never happen. There were never be a pro-life license plate in Massachusetts. I’m so glad they were wrong!”