About Us

Mission Statement

Choose Life, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes including the promotion of a specialty plate, the “Choose Life License Plate,” to raise funds for distribution to not-for-profit life affirming agencies that will utilize such funds to promote the positive choices of life, adoption and safe havens for unplanned pregnancies and newborns as an alternative to abortion and do not encourage or refer for abortion.

Mother and babyDescription

Choose Life, Inc. assists pro-life agencies such as pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes through a grant process. Agencies must be not-for-profit and not encourage or refer for abortion. Annual grants are issued to qualifying agencies in return for a promise to promote the Choose Life license plate with donors and clients. Training grants are offered to reimburse agencies for the cost of providing counselor, director and nurse sonographer training including out-of-state training such as conferences provided by Heartbeat and CareNet.

Read our Choose Life brochure (PDF, 525K)